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This is a first pressing of the well-sought after Billy Nicholls LP that has sold for $15,000 on and other top classic vinyl shops and auctions. We landed this classic for less than that, but we are ready to part with this for a fraction of that price for our top collectors. NM condition, never played (and it won't be by me) because I don't particularly like his music, but my sister and I are getting started ramping up our record collection to join the growing new vinyl sales market. We have this one priced at only $9,500. Expert collectors could resell it at $15,000 or more and make a good profit. 


I worked in "real-world" commercial radio for 12 years and public radio for 2 years. I now own my own internet radio station. I know the value of vinyl and the market is high and expected to only get better. Now is the time to cash in on some of the most valuable vinyl out there. 

The article below proves the value of this album, provided it meets all of the desired specs. 

You can easily resell vinyl like this on places like, (Heritage Auctions) and even Ebay or Amazon. Or have an outside garage sale and sell it in person. Vinyl collectors know the value of this album since it is so rare. Read the article below to see the proof about its actual value: 


Read Article



Below are a few specs for those who may not know how classic vinyl is rated now:

  • First (original pressing) from 1968
  • Near Mint condition
  • Sounds great (verified by our seller source)
  • Double album with folding inside cover
  • Cover if GOOD shape
  • From original label (Immediate)
  • The Immediate label was the original label Nicholls used to distribute his songs. So that's why you have to have a copy with the Immediate label to make it worth over $15K. BOTH of these we have for sale IS an "Immediate" label copy!

Notice: Due to the high value of this sale, we will need a personal check for this item. 

Please contact us about making this purchase and we will give you our mailing address to send the check, then we will ship your item out the day after we receive the payment. 

Thank you!

Billy Nicholls Classic LP Vinyl (1968)

$15,000.00 Regular Price
$9,500.00Sale Price
  • There is a revolution going on involving classic vinyl. People realize now that it's important to have a "hard copy' of their favorite media that they can keep and hold in their hands. While the sound quality of CD and mp3 surpasses vinyl, there's just something about the original medium that makes you feel you have a part of music history in your possession. Also, old vinyl by the big stars and various musical eras stands like a solemn reminder of the past for music lovers everywhere. Many people purchase classic vinyl almost like a piece of extravagant art work that they can hang in a frame and display on their wall and say to their friends, "I have a copy of a rare record that was created before this group became famous." Now, that's something. It has bravado. It's social status, as Steve Jobs once put it.

    Whether you have a vinyl collection now or you are just starting one, you can count on  us to provide you with information on collecting as well as offering up for sale some of the best classic vinyl ever recorded. We find the best deals possible so that you can purchase them to keep or to resell. Thanks for visiting!

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