Small Town Global Radio

"Reaching the World from one small town..."

Welcome to Small Town Global World Radio! 
"Reaching the world from one small town..."

Hello, everyone!
This is where you will find our internet radio schedule, podcasts of some of our best shows, and more.
We are adding onto the radio station regularly so check back for updates.

I come from many years of experience in the real world radio world, having worked for over 12 years with "real world" radio
and I do have an FCC license. But I always wanted my own radio station, so I decided to pursue setting up my own internet
radio station. 

I started my quest with internet radio over 20 years ago, looking for the perfect platform, software, and tools to
do everything I wanted. I found Live 365 back in 2000 or so right after I got obsessed with learning all that I now know (a lot)
about computers and technology.

Live 365 went out of business for awhile due to the updated royalty fees, but they are back on with a premium platform
for serious broadcasters. We like their server a lot and it features a full license for ASCAP and BMI so there are no worries about
royalty fees. We pay a premium amount each month and it covers all royalties. 

We have listeners from all over the planet including our friends in Russia, Japan, and India, and many more.
We air family-friendly content, programs to entertain and inform you, and intelligence updates.

Owner/Manager of SmallTownGlobal World Radio....."reaching the world from one small town!"
Fully FCC-licensed