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Small Town Global Radio

Notice: This is a new site. We have been in business a long time, but we are working on brining all of our companies together under one roof to share what we can do for you.


We will activate our blog soon as well as the radio station store, so please return to see what we are planning!


87.5 FM

(Times to be announced)

Internet radio was one of my first loves that drew me to computer technology. I studied for months to create my internet radio station, before it was so easy to set one up. Now, companies like LIVE365 make it easy to get started. But you do have to give it lots of time and attention to appeal to your audience. I worked for almost 12 years in commercial radio in the "real world" then moved to creating my own station online, influenced by the likes of Mark Cuban from "" that my mother and I discovered over 20 years ago. 

At STG Radio, we are Patriotic Americans who believe people have the right to engage in the type of programs they choose that are family-friendly and engaging to kids and adults alike. We have a background in business, technology, and education, and we strive to provide a wide array of family-oriented and educational programming to our listeners while utilizing the best technology available from our home studios.


We are professional producers and actors, directors and musicians, artists and creatives who love to entertain but in an ethical manner and to provide valuable information to homeschool parents, business owners, and others who value our country and our eclectic music culture.  Click on the "LISTEN" link above to listen to our radio station.


We have full license to play the songs and programs you hear on our station under the LIVE365 broadcast licensing fees. We do everything 100% legally so we can continue to bring great music and programming your way!  Later, you will also be able to buy our records here in mp3 format.

New Arrivals

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